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Twisted - A history of metal born in Bristol, UK.....

Twisted have been performing accross the UK for over the last 10 years.

Read about the bands history over the last  decade

Put yourself in the front row of a gig where you are faced with the world ending sounds of a terrifying, disrespecting and utterly anarchistic noise and you may start to get a feel for the sound belonging to Bristol’s monsters of rock; Twisted!  Packing live performances in front of their famous wall of Marshall amps, Twisted offer unrivalled brutality.  With influences ranging from Zep to Machine Head and the Backyard Babies, the mighty Twisted ooze a chaotic cocktail of vicious vocals, powerhouse drumming, thundering bass tones and the apocalyptic axe sound from one of the best fret burners around.


2011 - to present

The 2009 award winning EP Live 'n' Loud combined both aggression and commerciality placing the band in a new league.  The same line up reformed in 2012 going back to the roots of metal.     Watch out for live performances this year muted by fans to redefine Bristol’s metal scene.

Above (Left to Right)

Volume Stanway, Comeg Savage, Wobbly Bob, Drew Raynes

2002 - 2008

2010 - 2011

In 2011 the band reaked havoc having producing their most distinct and progressive sound to produce their most recent album ‘Wealth, Power and Persuasion’; a noise which while creating waves in the band will make any die hard rock revellers think twice before seeing the band without a gum shield.  Watch out for live performances this year muted by fans to redefine Bristol’s metal scene.

Above (Left to Right)

Drew Raynes, Pritch, Wobbly Bob, Volume Stanway

Following the release of their 2003 album ‘Peace through superior firepower‘, frequent air play has led to the rise of the band supporting world class acts such as ex Guns ‘n’ Roses  star Steven Adler and top tributes to Iron Maiden and Metallica.

Below (Left to Right)

Drew Raynes, Rich Harding, Volume Stanway, Mark Pillinger, Chris Peppard


2009 - 2010

From 2009 - 10 Twisted founded new front man Darren Willis (brother to Busted's/'Celebrity jungle get me out of here' Matt Wiills), The line up was short lived following musical differences.

Left (Left to Right)

Matt Fowles, Darren Willis, Justin Maelzer, Drew Raynes, Volume Stanway

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