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A closer look at the band...

Born and bred Bristol brutalisers Twisted are a no holds barred metal band.   If you think you have heard loud then think again.  Volume over ability is not the case here, just turn up to their shows and be prepared for a metal experience not to be forgotten.   These boys  mean business....


Comeg Savage

Savage creates  for Twisted the sort of rock anthem you could only dream of writing.  His mix of worldly atmospheric vocals to heavy overdriven guitars achieves the hook-laden, emotionally charged works that get right under your skin.   The feeling you get from  listening to the front man of Twisted gives you the feeling of melodic rock from the likes of Ian Astbury (Cult), or Bono (U2) over guitar rffs that might make you feel like you are about to lose your teeth.  With several tunes for independent movies and Playstation 2 games under his belt, Savage has  also created a name for himself producing 6 albums and performing on local and international radio  featured on  Podcasts all over the world.


Wobbly Bob

Bob is the embodiment of rock guitar.  His years of live performance and experience, backed up with his own unique style has been likened to the heavy dropped tones produced by Dime Bag (RIP) or Zakk Wylde.
Bob is where he needs to be: a critical member of the mighty Twisted— tattoed and brutal, ensuring the tones Twisted create give the band a modern but heavy overdriven sound.  Bob produces riffs which frequently split the grilles of marshall cabs.  Hold on to your gum shields....


Volume Stanways

If extravagance was a one pound coin, Volume would be a millionaire.  With a vast array of Gibson Thunderbirds and other rare basses at his disposal Volume is not short of know-how when it comes to four strings.  Couple his Thunderous bass playing with a wall of ampeg cabs and you have a marriage made in heaven.  Volume has probably forgotten more than most people know when it comes to band equipment which is handy given the gear Twisted use.



Drew Raynes

Joint Founder and  co song writer Drew is a powerful influence behind the band and drum kit. Drew has extensive live experience with influences ranging from John Bonham and Vinnie Paul.  Playing drums for over 20 years, Drew plays Zildjian cymbals and maple drums favouring Yamaha and more recently DW.    Seeing Drew live presents a compelling case for a rating from many as him being one of the more versatile Rock drummers in the South West.


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